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Book Signings at Galveston Bookshop

May 03, 2019 07:14PM
On Saturday, May 18 from 2pm-4pm, Bartee Haile returns to the Bookshop to sign copies of his newest book, Texas Entertainers: Lone Stars in Profile, a survey of the famous entertainers who came from Texas.

In keeping with its reputation for size and spectacle, Texas has produced a staggering number of stars. Although many hailed from towns too small to have a post office, they occupied the spotlight on the largest of stages.

Roger Miller’s songs made him the “King of the Road,” and Howard Hughes stretched his vision across the skies of the silver screen. Gene Autry won fame as a singing cowboy and Van Cliburn wore a tuxedo to international piano competitions, but both hailed from the Lone Star State.

Texans penned “Old Yeller” and voiced Daffy Duck. From Buddy Holly to Ginger Rogers and Joan Crawford to Jimmy Dean, Bartee Haile charts the brightest constellations of Texas entertainers.
Bartee Haile is known for producing “This Week in Texas History”, a syndicated column found in many local newspapers. He has also written several other Texas histories including, Murder Most Texan, a true crime collection, and Texas Depression-Era Desperadoes, which focuses on Bonnie & Clyde and other notorious criminals of that period.

The bookshop will also host a signing on Saturday, May 25 from 2pm-4pm for Gini Brown and Leslie Watts and their new collection of stories from Galveston’s past titled Tuesday Night
Love Letters.

On Tuesday nights from June to August, Galveston’s Summer Beach Band presents free concerts featuring rousing marches and show tunes. Each program includes a short vignette of local
“facts, fables, or fabulous fibs,” as interpreted by local authors Gini Brown and Leslie Watts.

These entertaining stories are not a history of Galveston in the strict sense, but the more entertaining non-historical history - the little stories of people and events - the tall tales, the gossip, the “didja hears” - as shared by local folk.

Tuesday Night Love Letters is a selection of favorite stories that Gini and Leslie have collected over the years. Gini Brown is also author of Galveston: Lore, Legends, & Downright Lies, to which the current book may be considered a sequel. Gini and Leslie are both longtime residents of
Galveston, and both are very active in the community.

Galveston Bookshop is located at 317 23rd Street. For more information visit