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Galveston Monthly

New Bike Safety Law

May 03, 2019 06:54PM
A new bike-safety law aimed at making Galveston a safer community for cyclists went into effect on May 1 and requires all people cycling at night to have lights on their bikes.

Galveston City Council in January adopted the new regulations at least in part in response to recent deaths from biking collisions. Two cyclists were struck by cars and killed last summer and a video of a cyclist on FM 3005 highlighted safety concerns about biking on the island.

The ordinance addresses a number of safety issues. For one, it requires drivers to keep at least three feet from bicyclists at all times when passing on City streets. Drivers who violate this ordinance may face a $250 fine. Another component of the ordinance requires lights on the front and rear of bikes when used at night.

State law requires a white light on the front of any bike being used at night. The new City ordinance
requires the white light in the front and an additional red light on the rear of the bike, which must be visible from at least 500 feet away. Cyclists riding without lights at night may face a $50 fine.

Officers for the Galveston Police Department are now enforcing these laws. For more information, please visit