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Do You See Sea Turtles

Mar 10, 2019 07:20PM
Thanks to a partnership between Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN) and Clay Cup Studio, and with support from the Galveston Park Board, Turtles About Town is bringing artistic turtle sculptures to places throughout the island.

 Turtles About Town is a Galveston Island communitybased project that is designed to showcase Galveston and TIRN’s conservation efforts. Businesses, organizations and individuals sponsor the turtle sculptures. The sponsors can then choose a design for the turtles based on entries submitted by local artists, or they can choose an artist based on their preference and develop their own design idea. The sculpture is then placed at a specific location chosen by the

 A portion of the sponsorship funds goes to TIRN conservation efforts. TIRN is a leading advocate
for endangered sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico and other coastal areas. Their programs protect
nesting beaches and help to halt threats to sea turtle survival through hands-on conservation and effective advocacy.

Once a sculpture is sponsored, it is then carved, molded, and distinctly painted by a local Galveston artist. Each turtle sculpture has an original story and is completely unique. This public art project brings artists, sponsors, and local businesses together for the common goal of enriching our community.

These works of art are positioned at favorite locations around the Island. To date, almost twenty
turtle statues have been installed across the Island. More are scheduled to be installed over the next few months.

Everyone is encouraged to post your favorite pictures taken with the turtles to our Galveston Monthly Facebook page. For details on Turtles About Town visit